Book Lover Gift Guide

Great ideas for those book lovers on your gift list!

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Who doesn’t need a bookmark collection?

Monogrammed antique style bookmark

It says for kids, but aren’t we all kids at heart?

Squashed animal bookmark


Pressed leaf filigree bookmarks

Nothing else to say. Leave me alone. 😊

Just one more chapter pillow.

Just cool.

Personalized book locket

It’s not snarky. You should feel special you were important enough.

I closed my book to be here t-shirt


I rescue books t-shirt

This is just neat.

Just a girl who loves books ornament

I’ve never seen this gadget before. Would be so useful while reading in bed—my hand always cramps!

Personalized book page holder


book scarf

I love the idea of being surprised with something new that I didn’t know about before!

Blind date with a book box

A bookmark my cats (probably) won’t play with. Probably.

Personalized corner bookmark

AND OF COURSE, these books are always great gift ideas!

Dangerous Beauty (romantic suspense)

Meric Toledan keeps his dark past and his secrets to himself. But when he meets Liliana Vela, a victim of human trafficking, he finds himself ready to protect her at all costs–including asking for her hand in marriage.

Never Miss (romantic suspense)

A female former sniper saves a man’s life and, with him, falls into a search for the true source of the Ebola virus before it’s used to cripple America, all while discovering the truth about each other and their pasts.

A Dream Within A Dream (suspense, final book in the Coffey & Hill series)

Dream is a mild-mannered forger who may or may not also be a brutal murderer. Can he help solve one of the most infamous art heists in history?