A Dream Within A Dream, Coffey & Hill book 3

All is well with Trudi Coffey—until two FBI agents appear asking probing questions about her ex-husband, Samuel Hill. Trudi is determined to find him and to get to the bottom of his disappearance. But her life is thrown into chaos when she faces two confrontations in one night.

When Samuel finally surfaces, he reveals that he has made powerful enemies in an effort to protect someone named Dream from the Boston mob. Dream might just be the key to solving one of the greatest unsolved art heists in history. Trudi and Samuel will have to call on all of their allies to keep their charge safe.

A fast-paced tale filled with action, intrigue, and Edgar Allan Poe references, A Dream within a Dream will grab you from the first page and won’t let up until the very end.

Releasing June 2, 2020. Preorder today!